SalesForce And External systems Integration


 This product is used for data migration between salesforce and databases like MYSQL and MS SQL Server.

 With some modifications, this can also be used for data integration between salesforce and other custom systems.

 Product Key Features

  •  Partially automates data transfer from Salesforce to MYSQL and MS SQL server
  • Facility to backup database before the transfer
  • Generates useful logs with information related to the data transfer
  • This is not fully automatic to the extent that on a single button click whole data is transferred. However some amount of human intervention allows for proper audit checks and health of data being transferred
  • Easy to use, user friendly and robust tool. Rather than having more features, tool focus on speed, accuracy and ease of use.
  • Tool uses basic configuration text files for usage
  • Anyone with basic salesforce knowledge can use this on an ongoing basis.
  • Data is transferred between salesforce and database like MYSQL or MS SQL Server with an intermediate data file creation. No APEX code is used.
  • Tool is developed using .Net technology and is easy to install and use.

 More customization is possible to add features but tool will focus on speed, accuracy and ease of use than extra features.

 This ArdentSFToMYSQL tool acts as a bridge between salesforce and MYSQL database.
The tool provides a facility to move data from salesforce to MYSQL and from MYSQL to salesforce.

This tool can also be used for external systems integration like custom systems, mailchimp and marketo with modifications but similar approach.

SalesForce To MYSQL

MYSQL To SalesForce